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This blog serves several purposes.  First off, it includes some fun tidbits of information on outdoor activities.

For starters, here are a couple of articles.  (More are found by selecting from the menu above):

Secondly, this blog about the outdoor education major and minor that’s available at Idaho State University.

If you’re looking at colleges and are interested in the outdoors, you’ll want to take a look at Idaho State.  We have a great major in outdoor education.  But, even if you’re not interested in majoring in outdoor education, we also have an outdoor minor.  The minor enables you to learn and take some fun classes in outdoor education, but at the same time, you’ll have the necessary time to pursue your chosen major in another field.

You’ll get top-notch instruction.  Members of the Outdoor Education faculty at Idaho State University (ISU) are deeply involved in the outdoor community. A recent highlight includes the release of a revised and expanded version of Guide to Idaho Paddling. It is by Ron Watters and is a comprehensive guide to Idaho rivers which covers the state’s flatwater and easy whitewater river runs. In addition, Watters maintain the Idaho Paddler’s Website which includes updated info on Idaho rivers, high resolution map booklets, and detailed descriptions of paddle trips in the state – as well as the Guide to Outdoor Literature Website which includes best reading lists and reviews of outdoor books.

Stay tuned . . . more information coming!

The Grand Teton from Table Mountain (on the Idaho Side of the Tetons)





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