Map & Compass Resources

Map & Compass Resources & Links

I’ve had a number of requests for the resources that I use for a map and compass course that I teach at Idaho State University.  Here are some links that you might find helpful:

You’ll find a series of lecture materials, images, and accompanying descriptions at this link:  Use of a Compass, Map Bearings, Field Bearings and More

Specific topics include:

Map Bearings: How to take a bearing on a map

Applying Map Bearings to the Field (Once you’ve taken a map bearing, this explains how to apply it to the field)

Field Bearings (Describes the technique of taking a field bearing)

Known Location: Field to Map (If you know your location, this describes how to use field bearings to identify distant points)

Unknown Along Stream: Field to Map (If you are somewhere along a stream, trail, ridge line or road, this describes how to use a field bearing to determine your location)

Completely Unknown Location (If you don’t know your location, this describes how to use two field bearing to pinpoint your location.)

Compasses & Declination (The best type of compass to use is one that allows you to adjust declination.  If, however, you don’t have a declination adjustable compass, this describes an alternative technique that you can use.)

Additional Helpful Information (Includes:  How to take a map bearing when the points are very close together, a summary of map & compass techniques, dealing with the parallel lines on your compass dial, and how to sight a landmark using a compass with a mirror.