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Outdoor Literature Resources & Links

Some of you have written and asked for links to materials that I provide for an outdoor literature course that I teach at Idaho State University.  Here are some links that you might find helpful:

Outdoor Generations, The Concept of Wilderness & Its Connection with Religion

Reminiscences of an 1800’s trapper: Osborne Russell

Wilderness and Photographic Art

Henry David Thoreau Lecture Notes

Mark Twain Lecture Notes

Edward Wymper Lecture Notes

John Wesley Powell Lecture Notes

Isabella Bird and John Muir Lecture Notes

Mary Kingsley Lecture Notes

Robert Falcon Scott Lecture Notes

Ernest Shackleton Lecture Notes

Into Thin Air & Everest Mountaineering History Lecture Notes

Aldo Leopold, Sigurd Olson & History of Conservation Lecture Notes

Colin Fletcher & Edward Abbey Notes

Women Outdoor Writers Lecture Notes

Links to Maps:

Mark Twain’s Route Out West (Roughing It)

Mark Twain’s Survival Ordeal (Roughing It)

Edward Whymper’s Route on the Matterhorn

John Wesley Powell: Map of Colorado Travels

John Wesley Powell: Map of the Canyons of the Green & Colorado Rivers

Isabella Bird in Colorado

Mary Kingsley’s Travels in Africa

Jack London / Robert Service – Route to Klondike Gold Rush

Robert Falcon Scott – Journey to the South Pole

Ernest Shackleton – Escape from Antarctica

Information on Wilderness Art:

Wilderness Art Intro Page – Links to All Images of Art Studied in the Class

(For detailed information on each of the paintings and the painters, see Background # 3)

Hand-outs on the Generations:
Generations in American History (List, Definitions, Characteristics)

Outdoor Generation Profiles in Outdoor Literature & History

Generational Types

Social Movements

Dominant and Recessive Outdoor Generations

Comprehensive Paper on the Generational Analysis & Outdoor Adventure
Classroom Readings Not Included in the Anthology

To Build a Fire by Jack London

“The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Robert Service   .

(Note: the Osborne Russell readings are found in Background # 1
readings and notes)

Other Information:

Annotated List of Primary Works Used in the Class

Best Reading Lists

National Outdoor Book Awards


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